Aptly named for glorious maple trees that frame the hole, the first hole at Palm Beach is a terrific opening hole and a great introduction to the new course. Generous and friendly to help get the golfer's round off to a good start, there's an exciting mix of everything; beautiful tree lined fairways, undulating fairway shaping, fairway bunkers to the left and water to the right of the green.

" Maple Glory "得名于始于发球台而屹立球道两侧耀眼的枫树,幼苗迎着阳光随风摇曳,丰收之际它们便会为您呈现“染得千秋林一色”的秀丽美景。棕榈滩的1号洞是一个完美的开球洞,也是一个友好的开场白。为了让球手以美好的心情开启18洞旅程,1号洞融合了很多有趣的情境:美丽的绿植排列在球道两侧,球道造型波浪迤逦,沙坑埋伏于球道左侧,水域盘踞在果岭的右侧。