In a tribute to one of Peter Thomson’s most iconic par 3’s in Australia at the Capital Golf Club, the 17th at Palm Beach has drawn inspiration from the perfect blend of water carry, sandy waste to the front of the green, and some wildly undulating sections in the bail out area to the right of the green. In what is a tough ask to find the green, the work is not yet done – with many subtle breaks the green itself is also a strong examination. Overall, this will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable holes around the Palm Beach course, and one that rounds out one of the best sets of par 3’s in China.

17号洞是为致敬Peter Thomson在澳大利亚首都高尔夫俱乐部所设计的最具标志性的三杆洞之一,它的设计灵感完美融合了动态环绕的水域,错落有致的沙坑,变幻莫测的果岭以及延绵起伏的路段。寻找果岭的艰难任务还未完成——多出断裂带对于果岭本身就是一次大考验。总体而言,这无疑是棕榈滩最令人意犹未尽的球洞之一,其独特的设计也成为是中国最优秀的高尔夫标准三杆洞的设置标杆。